The Nursery

Within our settings children are able to make choices. We are aware that all children develop at different stages, not ages. We build on what your child already knows and plan a curriculum that encourages your child to move on and work towards the early learning goals. We work towards the Early YearsFoundation Stage Framework for children aged birth to five year olds working towards a Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children are constantly encountering new experiences and seeking to understand them in order to develop their skills. Children deepen their understanding by playing, talking observing, planning and questioning. We will plan and assess their needs to help them progress in an enjoyable and challenging way during the foundation stage at our Nursery.

We will monitor your child’s progress at the Nursery and send you a report on their progress annually. The records we keep are always available for you to look at. Please do not hesitate to ask if you feel you would like to see them and discuss your child’s development with us at any time. All children have a key person who is happy to discuss your child’s progress and achievements with you.